Eleven DOLF Project publications on triple drug (IDA) mass drug administration for elimination of lymphatic filariasis have now been bundled as a PLoS Collection

PloS “Collections” are useful for readers and researchers alike, because provide easy access to related articles on high priority topics that have been published in PLoS journals at different times. This collection (published June 16, 2022) focuses on clinical trials and community studies of the safety, efficacy, and acceptability of the triple drug regimen IDA (ivermectin plus DEC and Albendazole) as a mass drug administration (MDA) regimen for lymphatic filariasis (LF) elimination programmes. As a group, these publications provide an interesting record of how related studies helped IDA to make the transition from research discovery to policy change and implementation. Data from these studies supported the World Health Organization’s decision to endorse IDA as a tool to accelerate LF elimination in many settings; tens of millions of people in LF-endemic countries now receive annual doses of IDA each year.

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