2018 Summer Research Program Reflections – Complexities Behind LF

2018 Summer Research Program Reflections  – Complexities Behind Lymphatic Filariasis

July 12,2018

The blog is following the student participants in this year’s Institute for Public Health Summer Research  Program  (https://publichealth.­ program/). Each student will be providing their own reflections from a Summer Research Program Seminar Series (https://publichealth.­ program-seminars/ ) event. Some students will also reflect on their experience in the summer program.

 By Celia Zhou, undergraduate student, Wake Forest University

 A smile slowly started to brim across her face as I stepped onto the red concrete floor of her house. The house itself sat upon a hill,which overlooked a picturesque, idyllic landscape. It was serene and peaceful,yet the vivid imagery hid the social complexities behind one of the world’s most neglected tropical diseases. As I entered the house, (read more)

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