Dem. Republic of Congo

Study Site: Kwilu province


Impact of semiannual mass drug administration with albendazole alone for elimination of lymphatic filariasis and control of soil-transmitted helminth infections

Study Site: Kwilu province

The purpose of this community study was to determine the impact of MDA with Albendazole (given in 400 mg, twice per year) on lymphatic filariasis (LF) and soil transmitted helminth infections (STH) in Central Africa. The baseline survey for infection parameters was performed in 2014, and the final, fourth year follow-up survey was performed in 2018. Results showed that semiannual albendazole dramatically reduced W. bancrofti microfilaria prevalence, the indicator of LF infection, and also reduced the STH (species: ascariasis and hookworm) prevalence. These results provide strong evidence to support the WHO’s policy for LF elimination in Central Africa.

Implementation Partners

Research Collaborator

Dr. Naomi-Pitchouna Awaca Uvon
Ministere de la Sante Publique
Programme National de Lutte contre l’Onchocercose

Coordinating Institution

Dr. Michel Boussinesq, Directeur de Recherche and Dr. Sebastien Pion, Charge de Recherche
Institut de Recherche pour le Developpment
Montpellier FRANCE