Publications: Fiji (Concluded)

The safety of double-and triple-drug community mass drug administration for lymphatic filariasis: A multicenter, open-label, cluster-randomized study
Weil GJ, Bogus J, Christian M, Dubray C, Djuardi Y , Fischer PU, Goss CW, Hardy M, Jambulingam P, King CL, Kuttiat VS,  Krishnamoorthy K, Laman M, Lemoine, JF, OBrian KK, Robinson LJ, Samuela J, Schechtman KB, Sircar A, Srividya A, Steer AC, Supali T, Subramanian S, The DOLF IDA Safety Study Group
PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2019;16(6):e1002839

Dosing pole recommendations for lymphatic filariasis elimination: a height-weight quantile regression modeling approach
Goss CW, O’Brian K, Dubray C, Fischer PU, Hardy M, Jambulingam P, King CL, Laman M, Lemoine JF, Robinson L, Sameula J, Swaminathan S, Supali T, Weil GJ, Schechtman KB
PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2019;13(7):e0007541