Research Technician Opening

The DOLF Project in Saint Louis is looking for a Research Technician to work on samples collected in its field sites.

POSITION SUMMARY: Infectious Disease is looking for a research technician to help with research projects. We are seeking a laboratory technician with a strong background in microbiology, immunology and/or molecular biology. They will join a research team to identify biomarkers for infections, and they will help to establish a sample archive for clinical specimens.


Essential Functions:

  1. Conducts research experiments and assays.
  2. Evaluates research results, reports findings and discusses project outcomes with staff and supervisors.
  3. Performs data entry and maintains research records.
  4. Complies with established safety procedures.
  5. Coordinates research projects with other institutions and investigators.
  6. Participates in developing hypotheses to be tested and in planning ways to test them.
  7. Assists with general supply/equipment orders, lab maintenance and cleaning.
  8. Willing and legally able to work for short periods (no more than 4 weeks per year) in developing countries.
  9. Performs literature reviews on specified topics

JOB LOCATION/WORKING CONDITIONS: Most work will be in a BSL-2 laboratory environment with potential exposure to biological and chemical hazards. Must be physically able to wear protective equipment. Must be willing to work with laboratory animals.

CRITICAL SKILLS/EXPERTISE: College level understanding of biology, microbiology, chemistry, and molecular biology. Demonstrated ability to implement general laboratory procedures, conduct research, and record findings.

MINIMUM EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree and at least 1 year of experience in a laboratory setting or equivalent combination of education and experience equaling 4 years required.

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