The DOLF Project and DOLF NextGen projects use innovative solutions for data management in the international research context. Our studies use study-tailored approaches for data collection that work for all members of the study team. In many cases, DOLF studies use electronic data capture on ipads and phones using RedCap, Azure and CliniOps software. These systems allow our group to maintain the highest ethical standards in collecting, storing and transferring participant data while streamlining the data capture and allowing data sharing in real time.

In all our research studies, technicians and clinicians from the countries of study collect and record data. From the study inception through data collection training and data analysis, DOLF PIs work closely with staff members in study host countries. The DOLF data manager at Washington University oversees the data collection instrument development, data management procedures, and continuous quality controls. Data managers in each country of study stay in close contact throughout studies to ensure the highest quality data possible.